Paso Por Paso provides assistance to Guatemalan families through 5 main programs.

Sponsorships: Paso Por Paso sponsors 38 students from pre-school to grade 12. Full and co-sponsorships are available and each sponsor receives photos, academic results and a bio. Most of the students live in the Tierra Linda area. Paso members attempt to visit as many families as possible each year during the February trip to Guatemala.


Micro Loans: Paso supports 55 micro loans for women living in Tierra Linda, a mountain village above Panajachel. The women start and run businesses such as weaving, jewellery making, selling merchandise, health care related activities and agricultural activities. They also are required to participate in 10 sessions related to growing a business.

Tierra Linda School: Since 2006, Paso has financed many projects to improve and add to the Tierra Linda school building including new windows and doors, 7 new classroom, restored toilets, new kitchen, improvements to electricity and wiring and rebuilding of the retaining wall. School supplies are also provided. A nutrition program and a new water filtration system were added in 2015. In 2018 a new roof was added to cover the play area.


Twinning: Warminster Elementary School in Simcoe County Ontario exchanges messages, artwork, valentines and stories with Tierra Linda Primary School and helps to sponsor a student in Tierra Linda. The Mnjikaning school became involved in 2015 and made many valentines which were exchanged with the Tierra Linda students. Paso is currently looking for more local schools to twin with Tierra Linda.

University Scholarships: Paso’s Canada Maya Scholarships sponsors university and college students to complete their education. Each student is expected to give back to his or her family and the community after graduation. Isobel Churunel coordinates the program in Guatemala.

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