Roofing started.

The metal sheeting on the roof at the Tierra Linda school is nearly complete. It is expected that the roofing and lights should be completed by Wednesday January 09 and the cabling and finishing touches by the end of the week.

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Roof progress

As of December 22nd, the framework for the roof over the Tierra Linda school play area was nearly complete and the metal sheeting was about to go on. Gutters and electrical work will follow.

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Difficulty finding that ideal gift or donation?

Finding that ideal gift or donation for a loved one, family or friend can create a stressful situation for many. Consider letting Paso Por Paso help while also providing Paso with a financial contribution towards its many projects in Guatemala.

Paso offers gift and bereavement cards that can be sent to a recipient acknowledging your contribution in his or her name. You will receive an income tax receipt for your donation. All you need to do is send your donation to Paso Por Paso and complete the information below. Paso will then send you an income tax receipt and send a specially designed card to the recipient.

Mail your donation to :

Paso Por Paso

C/O Fred Fallis, Treasurer,

62 Peter St.

Orillia ON

L3V 4Z1


Please complete the following:

Your name __________________________________

Your Address _______________________________


Your email address__________________________

Donation amount __________($20 minimum for a tax receipt.)

Type of donation ____ Christmas gift, _____ Birthday gift, ____ Bereavement

____ Anniversary, ____ other ____________________.

Recipient’s name __________________________

Recipient’s address ___________________________



Sample wording with an appropriate photo:


John Smith

has made a Christmas gift donation in your name

to Paso Por Paso

Assistance to Guatemalan Mayan Families

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Paso adds 3 new students for 2018.

Paso has added 3 new students to the student sponsorship program for the 2018 school year.

Brandon will be in the 12th grade in 2018 and is 19 years old. He lives with his mother and siblings in Santa Catarina Palopo. His father is no longer involved with the family. Brandon likes math in school and is studying to be an accountant. They live in a borrowed 3 room house built primarily of adobe brick and they have a separate kitchen area.

Laura is 15 years old and will be starting the 9th grade in 2018. She lives with her parents in Tierra Linda and has 8 siblings. Most of her siblings had to drop out of school due to a lack of funds. Her father works as an agriculture labourer and her mother stays at home and works in the fields whenever possible.

German will be in the 10th grade in 2018 and is 17 years old. He lives in Tierra Linda with his parents and 7 siblings. 3 of his siblings were in school in 2017 and the others dropped out due to financial problems. His father works as a farmer and his mother works at home caring for the children. They own their 2 room home which is made of adobe brick, with a dirt floor. They have a separate kitchen.

Paso Por Paso is pleased to add these student to the sponsorship program and thank our generous donors for continuing their financial support of these new students. The directors and guests visiting Guatemala in February 2018 are looking forward to meeting these new students at the valentine making session and during home visits with them and their families.

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Construction of the vertical support pillars for the new roof over the outdoor play area at the Tierra Linda school is nearly complete. The cement bases at the school have also been set and are ready for the pillars to be attached. The cement bases will be 1.25 meters deep and  are 1 meter by 1 meter.

Once attached, the curved beams that go under the roof will be added. 180 pieces of  metal sheeting will then be secured over the beams and 30 cm wide gutters will be added on all 4 sides. 6 lamps will then be attached to the roof and they will be well protected so they cannot be broken.

The roof is expected to be completed well in advance of the start of the new school year in January.

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LAST 2017 Paso sale.

 Paso Por Paso will be at the Orillia Farmers’ Market on Saturday December 2nd from 7:30 to 12:30. Drop by and support Paso’s activities in Guatemala by purchasing original Guatemalan made items. There is still a reasonable selection of table runners, table clothes, purses, key chains, other assorted items and jewelry. All items, except the key chains,  will be on sale for 20% off the marked price.

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St. Paul’s Craft Christmas Sale

IMG_2862 (2)

Paso participated in the 2017 St. Paul’s Craft sale and raised over $400 for their Guatemalan projects. The supply of items is decreasing, but there is still a reasonable selection of purses, table runners, table clothes and jewelry. All items were made in Guatemala by the indigenous Mayan people.

Linda Tiffin at Tiffin’s Creative Centre, 22 Peter St. S., has kindly offered to sell Paso items at her store again. Stay tuned for dates for this pre-Christmas sale.

Arrangements are also being made for one final Orillia Farmers’ Market sale before Christmas. The date will be announced here once final confirmation is made.

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St. Paul’s Craft Sale

Paso Por Paso will be participating in the St. Paul’s Centre Craft sale this Saturday, November 11th. Drop by between 10 and 2 to support Paso’s activities in Guatemala and to pick up some different Christmas presents for those hard to buy people. There are still many original hand-made items available. All money raised will be used to support Paso’s projects in Guatemala. Visit our website, for more information.

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2017 Graduation Trip

Paso Por Paso sponsored the grade 6 graduation trip for the students at the Tierra Linda School again in 2017. The funding included the bus, park entrance and lunch. Paso believes that this is a fitting “congratulations” to the students for completing the elementary school program. Most of the students will be going to the Basico next January for grade 7.

Their day started at 4 am on October 20th when the students and some teachers gathered at the Tierra Linda Municipal School. At around 5:15 a few other teachers were picked up in Solola and the bus headed to Guatemala City. They arrived at Mundo Irtra Petapa Amusment Park about 4 hours later and were given instructions on where to meet to have lunch at 1 pm. The students were then allowed to go to any of the many rides and game they wanted to go to as they had unlimited access to everything for the day. At 1 pm they got together in the cafeteria and ate lunch as a group. After lunch, the students had another 2 hours of fun and then headed back to the bus at around 4 pm. They were all dropped off at Tierra Linda at around 8 pm and each headed home.

Most of the students have never been out of the Solola Province so going to Guatemala City and a major amusement park was a highlight in their young lives. Most of the students could never afford such a luxury and it is therefore a fitting thank you from Paso Por Paso for completing this first major step in their education.

Sergio (the Mayan Families photographer who went with them) said the students wanted Paso Por Paso to “know they are beyond grateful to Paso Por Paso for this opportunity and everything you have done for them”.

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Gravenhurst Market success.

IMG_2669 (2)

Paso Por Paso raised close to $700 in sales and donations at the Wednesday August 23 market in Gravenhurst. The Paso directors also spoke to quite a few people who took the time to discuss their experiences in Guatemala and other developing countries and the customers were very interested in learning about the various Paso projects. The supply of traditional Guatemalan items is decreasing, but there is still a reasonable variety of goods available. The next sale date has not been scheduled, but information will be posted here once it is available.

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