Our Organization

Paso Por Paso is a non profit charitable organization based in Orillia, Ontario that provides financial support to Guatemalan families living in the Lake Atitlan Region of Guatemala. Through the generous donations of many Canadians and others from around the world, Paso Por Paso has been able to raise monies to support a number of ongoing programs. Paso Por Paso’s current and future goals depend on fund raising activities and donations from our generous members. There are many projects that can be carried out to help relieve poverty in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.

  • Increase the number of students we sponsor, especially in the community of Tierra Linda.
  • Increase the number of micro loans.
  • Learn more about the businesses and successes of micro loan recipients.
  • Continue to improve the water situation in Tierra Linda.
  • Develop and carry out more nutrition programs to improve the health of Tierra Linda students.
  • Continue to improve the physical conditions of the Tierra Linda school.
  • Continue to assist individual families we support with emergency funding for needed repairs and improvements to their living conditions and emergency medical needs.
  • Increase the number of schools in the Orillia area supporting the Tierra Linda school.
  • Visit with more local organizations in order to increase Orillians’ knowledge of our projects.
  • Encourage more people to visit Guatemala and our activities there.
  • Continue to advertise Paso activities using a variety of social media.
  • Continue to sponsor students at the post-secondary level in the Province of Solola Guatemala.
  • Investigate potential adult literacy programs in Tierra Linda.


    Tierra Linda school in February 2017

Volunteers at work on new classrooms in 2006

Volunteers at work on new classrooms in 2006

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