Meeting minutes.

Summary of the minutes of the meeting Tuesday June 14th,2016

1. The meeting was held at the home of Wendy Goodearle, starting around 4:45. Recently elected President Doris Middleton chaired the meeting.                                                            2.The minutes of the previous meeting were amended and approved.                                       3. Fred presented the financial report. We have $28 815.59 in our Canadian back account and approximately $10 000 USD in Guatemala. We need to send $2750 USD for the CMS account in Guatemala.                                                                                                                                   4. Doris Middleton was approved as the third person to sign cheques.                                         5. Our new Handbook will be emailed to each director for comments and changes.                   6. The revised “Current and Future directions of Paso Por Paso” were discussed and approved.  It is to be revised annually.                                                                                                        7. Discussion about Instruments for a Tierra Linda marching band was tabled as we are waiting for feedback from Guatemala.                                                                                                        8. A list of all current and future possible fundraising events was presented and discussed. Fred, Mary Lou and Marj will look into a possible Bridge event for September or October. A fall boat cruise was discussed. Fred volunteered to check with the Fairground Market for a date to sell Guatemalan items and Doris and Jim will check into the Rosseau Market. Beth will be asked to check into Board approval for the Santa’s Village coupon event.                   9. Fred presented Policy 3 – Student Sponsorships. The policy outlines the procedure to be followed when selecting students to sponsor. It was approved as amended.                          10.The need for a permanent address for CRA was discussed.  Fred will check details with St. Paul’s Centre.  Safety concerns were expressed.                                                                          11. Standing committee reports were not presented since they were recently reported at the AGM. The chair and members of each committee was discussed.                                        12. Project/Program Priorities and Costs was not discussed as we are still waiting for information from Mayan Families in Guatemala.                                                                              13. A tribute to David Rapson was discussed. No decision was made as we need feedback from Mayan Families.                                                                                                                                  14. Meeting dates, times and frequency was discussed. No decisions were made.                 15. The next meeting is scheduled for September 13th at Marj’s place. The time will be decided later.


Annual General Meeting May 29th, 2016.

  1. The meeting was held at the St. Pauls Centre starting at 12:15.
  2. Fred Fallis, President, called the meeting to order and welcomed the Directors and members.
  3. A Power Point presentation of the 2016 trip to Guatemala was shown.
  4. The minutes of the 2015 AGM were revised and approved.
  5. Fred provided a few reflections of the 2015 year highlighting the fact that this is the 10th year Paso has been operating. He showed some photographs of David Rapson. Garry Fell described the photographs which were taken over the years in Guatemala. David was a founding member of Paso Por Paso and passed away in March 2016.
  6. The Presidents report was presented by Fred.
  7. The 2015  Financial Report was discussed and approved. The account balance at the end of 2015 was $36 245.78.
  8. Each of the Standing Committees presented a report. A copy of the reports can be obtained by emailing Fred Fallis at
  9. Paso directors serve a 3 year term and Wendy Goodearle, Fred Fallis, Mary Lou Amos and Jim Hanwell were elected for the next 3 years. Howard Raper was elected for 1 year to complete the term for David Rapson.
  10. The meeting was adjourned.
  11. A regular Paso Director meeting followed. The 2016 Executive was presented and approved. Elected for 1 year were President Doris Middleton, Vice President Garry Fell, Secretary Mary Lou Amos and Treasurer Fred Fallis.


Summary of the minutes of the meeting Tuesday April 26th, 2016.

  1.  The meeting was held at Doris and Jim Middleton’s home starting at 2 pm.
  2. The minute of the March 8th meeting were corrected and approved.
  3. Fred presented the financial report. He reported that he is using a new computer program which will simplify the financial record keeping. The current balance is about $22000 in our Orillia account and $11000 in Guatemala. This is similar to previous years.
  4. The adoption of a new handbook, Current and Future directions of Paso and the Instruments for a Tierra Linda Marching Band were tabled to a later date.
  5. The “Annual” plant sale was updated as well as the “perennial” plant sale, Santa’s Village and the Boat Cruise.
  6. The CRA interpretation of donations of specific items to sponsored students was explained. The CRA does allow us to issue receipts for these types of donations under certain conditions. A new policy was discussed and passed to allow for this.
  7. A library and a literacy program in Tierra Linda were discussed.
  8. Each Standing committee reported.
  9. Increasing the number of sponsored students to 30 was discussed and approved.
  10. Judith is in charge of the AGM to be held in the St. Paul’s Centre Parlor on May 29th. We will have vacancies for 2 new directors for a 3 year term.
  11. Wendy reported about the donation of 60 Scientific Calculators to Paso. A decision on how to distribute them in Guatemala is to be determined.
  12. The need for a permanent address for Paso for CRA purposes was discussed. Further information about a possible location will be checked into.
  13. Judith will be in charge of a booth at the “Arts for Peace” event on June 26th.
  14. The next meeting will be at Wendy Goodearle’s place in June. The time and date will be determined later.


Summary of the minutes of the meeting Tuesday March 8th, 2016

  1. The meeting was held at Garry Fell’s home starting at 3:30 pm.
  2. The minutes of the January 12th meeting were corrected and approved.
  3. The financial report was presented and approved. Fred Fallis will assume the role of assistant treasurer and assist David Rapson until the AGM.
  4. Valentines have been returned to Warminster. The visit to Mnjikaning will happen on Thursday March 10th.
  5. A page on the website site will be added to allow donors to donate items such as medical items, chickens and beds to our sponsored students. This will allow for a Canadian tax receipt for the donation.
  6. The Ad Hoc committee looking at our “Current and Future Directions” will report back at the next meeting.
  7. A preliminary list of donors was passed around for corrections.
  8. The “Standing Committees” reported on recent events and changes.
  9. The micro loan committee will look into the concerns about charging interest to our recipients.
  10. A new student, Javier, has been added to our student sponsorship program. The mailing of the valentine cards made by the students for the sponsors, some photographs and a letter of thanks are ready to be mailed. Information on how sponsors can access the Mayan Families information on the students is also included.
  11. Some new fundraising event dates were announced and can be found on our website, blog and facebook page.
  12. The Pancake Breakfast will be on April 17th at St. Paul’s Church.
  13. The AGM will be May 29th at St. Paul’s Church.
  14. The Tierra Linda grad trip was discussed and a clarification of Paso’s intentions for the trip and a timeline for approval of the trip will be sent to Mayan Families.
  15. University Scholarships were discussed. Mayan Families likes to sponsor all of their students, including those sponsored by Paso, throughout their university or technical programs.
  16. Fred updated the directors on the recent improvements to the Tierra Linda School which were paid for by Paso.
  17. Book shelves for each classroom in Tierra Linda was discussed. Paso is waiting for an updated list of priorities for the school from Mayan Families.
  18. Instruments for a Tierra Linda Marching Band was discussed. Costs were presented.
  19. A proposal for an annual plant sale was presented and discussed. Fred will meet with the former organizers, the Cellar Singers, of this fundraiser to see if it can be taken over by Paso.
  20. Other fundraising events were discussed. Dates and specific plans will be announced on the blog, website and facebook pages as they become available.
  21. The next meeting will be held at Doris Middleton’s home on April 26th starting at 2:00 pm.


Summary of the minutes of the meeting Tuesday January 12. 2016.

  1. The minutes of the November 30th meeting were corrected and approved.
  2. The Financial report was presented and approved. We have $46 000 in our account plus money in 2 accounts in Guatemala. The effects of the Canadian dollar were discussed.
  3. Paso is now 10 years old. Judith will write an article for the newspaper, blog and facebook.
  4. The final logo design and the new pull-up poster were presented.
  5. 12 people are now booked for the February visit to Guatemala. Most people will be there from February 8th to the 20th. Several are staying longer. Extra PSCI/ODCVI school uniforms were given to board members to pack for the trip down. 2 suitcases have been filled with uniforms. Garry will take the donated medical supplies.
  6. The November 2015 Tierra Linda grad trip was discussed. Paso will discuss changes to the trip for next year.
  7. Signing authority has been changed with the addition of 1 more member with signing authority.
  8. 4 new Micro Loans will be added in 2016.
  9. The purchase of necessary medical needs for our students was discussed. It will be discussed with Mayan Families in February. The possibility of ordering items for our students (birthday, Christmas etc.) will also be included in the discussions.
  10. 7 blogs/facebook posting and 1 newspaper article have been written since the last meeting.
  11. The CMS dinner gathering was discussed. Paso will pay up to $400 for the 12 CMS past and present students as well as expenses for Patricia, our Guatemala coordinator. We will meet at a restaurant in Panajachel.
  12. Dale reported sales of $400 since the last meeting. A small quantity of items remain. Dale will be given money to purchase items for 2016. Other members will assist with the purchases.
  13. A summary of each of our sponsored students will be prepared again for our use when we conduct home visits.
  14. Visits have been booked with Warminster and Mnjikaning schools to talk about valentines to take to Tierra Linda.
  15. Paso members will meet with Mayan Families in February to identify and discuss possible projects in Tierra Linda.
  16. Fred presented the first version of a Paso handbook. Board members were encouraged to provide comments for improvement.
  17. Marj, Mary Lou, Dale and Doris will form an Ad Hoc committee to update the current and future directions for Paso.
  18. The next meeting is scheduled for March 8th 2016 at Garry’s.


Summary of the minutes of the November 30th 2015 meeting.
The meeting was held at Dale Duncan’s home starting at 3 pm.
1. Minutes of the Oct.25th meeting were approved with several minor changes.
2. David presented the Financial Report. The balance is $32 582.74. Donations from the fall appeal are arriving daily. The balance in Guatemala is $11 555. This will be used to finance the new micro loans, renew the Student Sponsorships and continue with the renovations and the nutrition program at Tierra Linda. The value of the Canadian dollar continues to be a serious problem.
3. A new logo was selected after much discussion. It will be sent to a graphic artist to finalize.
4. Details of the 2016 trip to Guatemala are being finalized by Mayan Families.
5. Paso is still waiting for the details of the Tierra Linda grad trip.
6. The 2016 Budget was discussed and approved.
7. Paso will purchase a pull up display board to be used at all of our events.
8. Committee reports were presented.
a. Student sponsorship. We now have 28 students and will add 1 more at the request and financing by a Toronto resident. Dale will work with David on this committee. We will meet with Mayan Families in February to determine the best way for sponsors to access information about their student.
b. Publicity. The 2016 brochure have been printed. 5 blog and facebook items have been published. One story has also been printed in the Packet and Times. A Twitter account is being set up.
c. Micro Loans. 4 new micro loans will be added to our current 50 in 2016.
d. CMS. Our Guatemala contact, Patricia Gutierrez, is working with Carlos on his application for a scholarship. Carlos has been sponsored in our student sponsorship program since the beginning. Juanita has withdrawn from the program due to scheduling problems.
e. Fundraising. Marj reported $965 income from the last 3 sales. New venues need to be found.
f. Community Liason. Visits to Warminster and Mnjikaning schools are being arranged in order to have valentines to take to Tierra Linda.
g. Projects. No new projects are planned. Paso directors will discuss new projects while in Guatemala.
New Business.
1. School sports uniforms from OSS have been sorted. Warminster has donated some used Basketballs for Tierra Linda. Paso will pay for 2 extra suitcases on the flights to Guatemala in order to take these items.
2. Paso appointed Garry Fell as a third Board member with signing authority.
3. Garry presented details on how sponsors could order extra items such as egg laying hens, food and household items. Paso will meet with Mayan Families in February to discuss how this could work.

The next meeting will be January 12th at 3:30 pm at Marj Tomlin’s place.

Summary of the minutes of the October 25th, 2015 meeting
The meeting was held at the Amos residence.
1. Fred read a letter from Amber McGarvey. Amber has resigned from the Board as she is expecting her first child and is very busy with work. Her resignation was accepted by the Board and a thank you for her work was expressed.
2. The minutes of the September meeting were approved.
3. David presented the financial report which showed a balance of $23 875.86.
4. 2 potential logos were selected for further consideration. Dale will take them to several businesses to see if a professional will refine them before the Board makes a final decision.
5. The detailed itinerary for the February trip to Guatemala was discussed. The Board approved that each sponsored family will receive a $60 food bag again this year.
6. The 2016 brochure has been sent to the printer and should be back and mailed out to all supporters in early November.
7. The Board discussed the impact of the lower Canadian dollar on our projects in Guatemala. Student sponsors pay $360 a year but the actual cost in US dollars is much higher. Paso will cover the difference rather than asking sponsors to pay a higher fee. The lower dollar also impacts school improvement plans.
8. Concern was expressed about several sponsored students not submitting marks and other information to Mayan Families. Fred will contact Mayan Families about this.
9. The internship fee for Max has been paid. He has not yet been assigned a hospital to do his 1 year internship in yet.
10. Paso has sponsored Carlos in the student sponsorship program since 2007 and he has now graduated. He will be applying for a Canada Maya Scholarship to continue his studies to be an Accountant. His application will be accepted if it meets the CMS criteria. He will be the first student sponsored by Paso in the Student Sponsorship program to be awarded a University scholarship through the CMS program.
11. Erica has also been accepted for a Canada Maya Scholarship. She will study to be a teacher in a 3 year program in Sololá.
12. $190 was raised at the recent St. Paul’s Social Justice event. Marj and Garry were happy with the sales and will have a table at the Orillia Farmers Market on Saturday October 31st.
13. Meetings with Warminster and Mnjikaning schools to make valentines for the Tierra Linda school were discussed.
14. The new Orillia Secondary School principal contacted Paso about old PSCI and ODCVI sports uniforms that are longer needed. They can be used in the elementary and Basico schools in Tierra Linda. Arrangements are being made to pick them up, sort them and take them to Guatemala in February.
15. Future needs at the Tierra Linda school were discussed. Mayan Families will be contacted for more information about the needs of the school and how Paso can help finance them.
16. The 2016 budget was discussed and approved.
17. The date and time of the next meeting is yet to be determined.

Summary of the minutes of the September 19th, 2015 meeting.
The meeting was held at the Fallis Farm in Oro-Medonte. The minutes of the June meeting were approved.
1. David summarized the financial report. Paso had a balance of $23 036.41 as of August 31st.
2. Work on a logo is continuing. Several designs were identified as possibilities and will be reworked.
3. The Intermediary Agreement with Mayan Families has been signed by both organizations.
4. The 2015-6 brochure will be printed in late October and mailed out in early November.
5. Paso is currently sponsoring 30 students. David has mailed out information (marks, photographs, etc.) to each sponsor. Encouraging sponsors to register on the Mayan Families website for updated information of their student would reduce the workload and expense of mailing material out. Dale and Fred will assist David with this.
6. Garry reported that the Packet and Times published an article on Max receiving his Medical degree. There were also 3 new blog articles published, a “Meeting Minutes” section added to the blog and some blog pages were updated.
7. 5 students have applied for a Canada Maya Scholarship. The sub-committee has discussed them and is seeking further information. A decision will be made soon as the students need to know if funding will be available in November in order to register for classes which start in January.
8. Upcoming fundraising events were discussed. These include the annual St. Paul’s event, the Leacock home sale and the Brewery Bay Silent Auction in December. Marj will send a thank you note to Jim for organizing the very successful Santa’s Village fundraising event and ask him to request a similar event in 2016. Beth, Fred and Doris will search for funding from various organizations.
9. Fred reported that Lakehead University is interested in working with Paso to develop a program for some of their Social Workers to go to Guatemala as volunteers. Fred also will check with our lawyer about Endowment issues for members wishing to will future support for students they sponsor. A possible program on the local cable TV station was discussed.
10. David discussed the impact of the CDN and US dollars on our work in Guatemala.
11. The future of Paso Por Paso was briefly discussed. We will continue to focus on our current programs.
12. A discussion of the 2016 visit to Panajachel identified possible dates and participants. Dates for flights and events in Panajachel will be confirmed asap in order to benefit from cheaper flight costs by booking early.
13. The next meeting has been set for October 25th at the Amos Farm.

Summary of the minutes of the June 17, 2015 meeting.
The last meeting before the summer break was held at the home of Wendy Goodearle in King City. The minutes of the March meeting and the financial report were approved.
1. Work is continuing on a logo for Paso Por Paso.
2. The Intermediary Agreement between Paso Por Paso and Mayan Families was approved and submitted to Mayan Families for their signature. This will legally formalize our relationship with our Guatemalan contacts.
3. A new contract between Paso Por Paso and our scholarship students was approved.
4. The 2015-2016 brochure will be created soon and available early in the fall.
5. Paso now sponsors 30 students.
6. Diego has graduated with a degree in Mathematics. Max will finish his medical degree in Cuba in July and return to Guatemala for his internship. Paso will continue to sponsor him for his 1 year internship.
7. A group from St. Paul’s Church is interested in going to Guatemala in 2016. Paso responsibilities were discussed and the possibilities will be discussed in more detail.
8. The annual plant sale was very successful and raised about $2100.
9. There was a discussion about items purchased in Guatemala and brought back for sale here. More money may be necessary in order to purchase more items as the sale of these items has been very successful and an excellent fund-raiser.
10. Potential projects at the school in Tierra Linda were discussed. The Canadian dollar value is having a big impact on possible projects. The following were approved:
a. Window repairs and security: $1280 – $1300 US.
b. Repair or replace toilet facilities: $960 US.
c. Roof repairs: $2700 US.
d. Investigate a drain problem.
e. Investigate the excess use of water with the new water filtration system.
f. Consider a new classroom when funding is available. Approach Mayan Families to see if there is a possibility of teaming up with other organizations to help fund the new classroom.
For more information on some of these items, see the web site and “recent entries” in this blog.
The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th at the Fallis Farm.