Warminster valentines appreciated.

Paso Por Paso members picked up 150 valentines from Warminster Elementary School and will be taking them to Guatemala next week. The valentines were made by the “Spirit Group” and several classes at the school in the last few weeks. A very special thanks is extended to the group and each of the teachers who made the valentines. Their extra efforts for the children at the Tierra Linda school helps to make a very tough life much better.
The valentines will be delivered to the students at the Tierra Linda school and handed out to them on February 14th. The Mayan students in the very poor mountain village appreciate receiving the valentines and look forward to it each year.
The students at the Tierra Linda “Primaria” (K-6)and “Basico” (6-9)will also be making valentines that will be delivered to Warminster when the Paso group returns in late February. A visual presentation will also be shown at that time which shows the highlights of the trip as well as the very different lifestyles experienced by the children in Tierra Linda.
Mnjikaning Elementary School in Rama also participates in this program and their valentines will also be exchanged with the Tierra Linda students.

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