Rotary makes a generous donation to Paso for Roof.

The Rotary Club of Orillia recently made a $2500 donation to Paso Por Paso. The donation will be used for the new roof over the play area at the Tierra Linda Elementary School in Guatemala.
The club was pleased to help fund this project as they “believe education is so important and through education we can achieve peace around the world.” Rotary has six areas of focus that they invest in: Promoting peace; Fighting disease; Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene; Saving mothers and children; Supporting education and Growing local economies.
Each of these areas of focus align perfectly with Paso’s goals in the village of Tierra Linda. Paso provides deworming medication to the students, has installed a new water filtration system, updated washroom facilities several years ago, sponsors 32 students to attend school, has helped with the building of 7 classrooms and offers 54 microloans to women to develop their business in Tierra Linda.
Paso was pleased to be able to present a slide presentation to the Rotary members which outlined the goals and achievements of Paso since 2006. The Rotary Club of Orillia offers two different times to meet – lunch or cocktails. There are 42 members who meet at lunch and 31 who meet for cocktails. They have two major fundraisers – Lobsterfest in May and Girls Night out in October.
The directors of Paso Por Paso, a local Orillia Not-for-profit organization, sincerely thank the local Rotary Club for this generous donation. Some Paso directors and supporters will be travelling to Guatemala in February and will be reporting the roof progress back to the Rotary Club. A dedication of the new roof, with a plaque acknowledging the Rotary Club donation, will be unveiled in February 2019 once all donations and construction is completed.


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