Dale helps struggling artists.


Dale Duncan has been a Paso Por Paso director for the last 3 years and is very involved with fundraising efforts. Each year she purchases original Guatemalan items while there during her annual February visit.

During her recent visit she acquired a number of paintings and other pieces of artwork from various sources in Guatemala. She stated that “being an artist myself I love to explore and support other artists and their work.”

Dale purchased some of the art in San Juan, a small community on Lake Atitlan. San Juan is well known for its artwork and textiles and the main street leading from the docks is a popular spot for tourists to visit and purchase original items.

She also acquired 4 paintings under consignment from Ronaldo and Marvin in San Antonio. Paso supported some women there with microloans and one of the recipients was Candelaria. During our home visit with Candelaria, Dale recognized the quality of some of the paintings which had been done by her 2 sons, Ronaldo and Marvin. She decided to bring some back to Orillia and sell them with all of the proceeds going back to the boys. Candelaria was experiencing medical problems and the extra money from the sale of the artwork would be of great benefit to the family.

Dale recently held an online auction of these pieces of art and included one of her original paintings of Guatemalan women. She felt that this method would be more efficient and reach more people. She is still collecting the money and expects to take about $250 back to Ronaldo and Marvin and contribute about $300 to Paso.

Paso thanks Dale for this fundraising effort and also thanks all of the individuals purchasing the artwork and thus supporting Paso Por Paso and Ronaldo and Marvin.

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