Difficulty finding that ideal gift or donation?

Finding that ideal gift or donation for a loved one, family or friend can create a stressful situation for many. Consider letting Paso Por Paso help while also providing Paso with a financial contribution towards its many projects in Guatemala.

Paso offers gift and bereavement cards that can be sent to a recipient acknowledging your contribution in his or her name. You will receive an income tax receipt for your donation. All you need to do is send your donation to Paso Por Paso and complete the information below. Paso will then send you an income tax receipt and send a specially designed card to the recipient.

Mail your donation to :

Paso Por Paso

C/O Fred Fallis, Treasurer,

62 Peter St.

Orillia ON

L3V 4Z1


Please complete the following:

Your name __________________________________

Your Address _______________________________


Your email address__________________________

Donation amount __________($20 minimum for a tax receipt.)

Type of donation ____ Christmas gift, _____ Birthday gift, ____ Bereavement

____ Anniversary, ____ other ____________________.

Recipient’s name __________________________

Recipient’s address ___________________________



Sample wording with an appropriate photo:


John Smith

has made a Christmas gift donation in your name

to Paso Por Paso

Assistance to Guatemalan Mayan Families


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