Warminster Sponsors Lidia

img_0449aWarminster Elementary School representatives presented Fred Fallis, Treasurer of Paso Por Paso, with a cheque for their sponsored student on Thursday January 12th 2017. Warminster sponsors Lidia, a 9 year old girl who lives in San Jorge, a small village near Panajachel Guatemala. Lidia is in grade 3 in 2017. The sponsorship money helps to pay for Lidia’s shoes, back pack, school supplies and any required school support. Her family could not afford to send her to school so Warminster’s support is essential. Lidia is one of the 31 students sponsored by Paso Por Paso. Paso members will be travelling to Guatemala in February and will meet with the students. Each family will also receive $60 US of food. Howard Raper is shown in the photograph presenting the food to Lidia and her mother in 2016.img_6987a

Warminster students also make valentines for the students in Tierra Linda. These valentines will be delivered to the Guatemalan students on valentine day this February. The Tierra Linda students also make valentines which will be brought back to the students at Warminster.

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