Carlos receives a Paso scholarship

Carlos Alexander is the newest recipient of a Canada Mayan Scholarship. His scholarship is for $1200 USD renewable annually. Carlos is 20 years old and has completed his high school degree in accounting with a specialization in computers. He will be starting his university program in February working towards a Masters degree in Public Accounting and Auditing.

Carlos has been sponsored by Paso Por Paso in the Student Sponsorship program since 2007. Carlos lives with his family in Panajachel and several of the Paso directors have had the opportunity to meet and visit with him in his home on several occasions in the past. The family lives in a small unit on an estate where they are the caretakers. They could not afford to send Carlos to university as the father earns $33 a week as a night guard and the mother helps at a corner store earning $21 a month. Carlos has 3 siblings.

Carlos has also volunteered with the Mayan Families organization doing IT work, photography and home visits in the elder care program. He speaks Spanish and Kaq’chikel. The following has been translated from his application:

“I did my best effort in order to not disappointed you, whom with lots of enthusiasm and efforts did make this possible, because I did not have the economic resources to sustain my studies and you were a great blessing for me and for my family too.

Personally I give thanks to Paso Por Paso and to the Rapson
Family for all the support they gave me during my studies, which
really is very important for me because my parents did not have
the opportunity that I had to study. They were obligated to work
and to feed my other siblings and they are very grateful to
you for all the efforts that you do to support me and to other
students that wish to graduate too.
I would like to give thanks to all of you, those that make possible
that all these dreams comes true for all the students that have
the privilege to have you as their sponsors.”
12 Paso directors and friends are scheduled to be in Panajachel Guatemala in early February and look forward to officially introducing Carlos as our newest Canada Mayan Scholarship recipient. For more information on our other current and former CMS students, please visit our web site at



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